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Brake Services in Oakville, ON

Brake ServicesBrakes are a crucial safety component of any vehicle, and regular brake maintenance and repairs are essential for safe driving. At Sil’s Auto Care Centre, we understand the importance of reliable brakes, so we offer a comprehensive range of brake services.

Our team of skilled technicians is experienced in servicing all types of brakes, from disc to drum, and we use only high-quality parts and equipment to ensure the best possible results. Whether you need a routine brake inspection, brake pad replacement, or a more complex brake repair, you can count on Sil’s Auto Care Centre to provide the expert service and attention to detail your vehicle deserves.

How Do Brakes Work? 

Brakes work by using friction to slow or stop the vehicle. When you press the brake pedal, it sends a signal to the brake system, which causes brake pads or shoes to press against a rotating disc or drum attached to the wheel.

The friction generated between the brake pad and the disc or drum creates resistance, which slows down or stops the wheel from spinning. The force of friction depends on several factors, including the size of the brake components, the pressure applied to the brake pedal, and the condition of the brake components.

A well-maintained brake system ensures the vehicle can slow down or stop quickly and safely.

What Does A Full Brake Service Include?

The brake system can be considered your vehicle’s most critical safety system. That’s why complete brake service is available from the experts to get the job over the line. This includes brake pad replacement, brake fluid replacement, and ABS brake repair.

At Sil’s Auto Care Center, we encourage our customers to know the basics of their car’s operation, especially familiarity with sensors that light up when a service appointment is needed. Suppose the anti-lock brake (ABS) sensor is lit or your car has other brake issues. In that case, it is a warning sign your vehicle should be inspected by an automobile professional for the best possible outcomes in Oakville, Ontario.

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If you’ve been searching for an auto mechanic or auto repair shop in the Oakville, Ontario, area that offers professional car repair services, look no further. Sil’s Auto Care Centre has earned customer loyalty through exceptional customer service and professional car repair services since 1976.

Only professional, licensed auto mechanics and knowledgeable, experienced service advisors work at Sil’s Auto Care Centre. We require our auto mechanics to receive ongoing training to stay current on the latest auto repair and maintenance technologies and techniques.

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