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Get a Vehicle Safety Inspection Near Me at Sil’s Auto Care

Sils Technicians Completing a Vehicle Safety Inspection Near Me

A safety inspection is crucial in ensuring that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards required for safe operation on the road. If you’re searching for a “vehicle safety inspection near me” in Oakville or Mississauga, look no further than Sil’s Complete Auto Care. We understand the importance of road safety and compliance with the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

What is a Safety Inspection?

A safety standards certificate serves as confirmation that your vehicle met the minimum safety standards on the date of issuance. It does not function as a warranty or guarantee for the current condition of the vehicle.

While it is possible to purchase and register a vehicle without a safety standards certificate, the vehicle cannot be plated without one.

To obtain this certificate, your vehicle must successfully undergo an inspection at a designated inspection station licensed by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

When is a Safety Inspection Required?

You require a safety standard inspection and certificate under the following circumstances:

  • Registering a rebuilt vehicle
  • Transferring ownership of a used vehicle to a new owner (excluding spouses)
  • Registering a vehicle in Ontario acquired from another province, territory, or country
  • Changing the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit

Be aware that a safety inspection is valid for 36 days from the inspection date. This, again is not a warranty, but the form is valid for usage for 36 days. The validity of the inspection was for that day of the inspection.

What is Checked During a Safety Inspection?

The safety inspection covers various components. See the attached PDF document, which any MTO-certificated facility will follow.  They are no grey or middle ground areas in the inspection.  Its black or white how a technician should make the call on a concern. If there is a question then we contact enforcement for clarity.

MOT inspection PDF

What is the Cost of a Safety Inspection?

Inspection can vary from facility to facility; please call 905-823-2626 or book an appointment online.

What if My Car Doesn’t Pass the Inspection?

If your vehicle fails, the inspection fee is still applicable. Repairs at a different garage may incur an additional reinspection charge. There is a reinspection fee in some cases as the technician, before signing, must visually verify that the repairs were performed, which could mean lifting the vehicle or removing wheels to reinspect various parts.

Get a Proper Vehicle Certified Inspection.

The past and sometimes current practices of issuing safety certificates without inspecting the vehicle can result in severe consequences. Ensure your vehicle undergoes a proper inspection, promoting road safety for all. In some cases, there have been lawsuits and the necessity of MTO enforcement to get involved with owners and facilities.

Safety Inspection Failures

Inspections encompass a range of elements, addressing minor concerns like light bulbs and extending to more significant issues such as worn-out brakes or suspension parts. Tackling these matters is essential to guarantee a secure driving experience for all road users.

What if My Car Passes the Inspection?

If your vehicle passes, you receive a safety certificate valid for 36 days. This document verifies compliance with the Highway Traffic Act and regulations and is usable for vehicle registration, insurance, or ride-sharing programs.

The Future of MTO Safety Inspections

Expect an upcoming digital transformation of the MTO program involving discussions about implementing a more thorough system akin to the Drive Clean program. The objective is to uphold the presence of safe vehicles on the roads through regular inspections, underscoring the significance of consistent vehicle maintenance.

Currently, the ministry collaborates with MTO-approved facilities, also known as motor vehicle inspection stations, to provide education and information on requirements and training. The envisioned program is anticipated to adopt a tablet-based inspection system integrated with a network, preventing a car owner from moving to another location and obtaining a pass certificate without necessary repairs. The assigned technician must have their ID and photo attached to the inspection for authentication.

Learn more on the DriveOn Program site

Why Choose Sils Complete Auto Care for Your Safety Inspection?

  • Certified facility for over 30 years
  • Licensed, Registered with MTO and skilled Technicians
  • Digital Vehicle inspection since 2019, so this process is an easy transition
  • CAA Auto Repair Approved facility for Oakville

Get Your Safety Standard Certificate and Inspection Today! Call us to ensure safety and compliance in all situations:

  • Transferring ownership of a used vehicle.
  • Registering a vehicle from another province or country.
  • Registering a rebuilt vehicle.
  • Upgrading an unfit vehicle’s status to fit.

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