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I’ve always been a believer in completing proper SSC Safety Standard Certificates or a Ministry Safety Inspection. These certifications need to be completed for several reasons:

  • Transfer of ownership in Ontario ( buying or selling)
  • Transfer of ownership to another family  member
  • Transfer of ownership from leasing company to your personal name or company name
  • Importing of car  from the USA or another province to get Ontario plates.
  • Requested by insurance company due to age or transfer to another company
  • After a vehicle has been rebranded

Several years ago there were changes to the auto repair safety standards paper manual. https://silsauto.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/mto-passenger-light-duty-vehicle-inspection-standard-en-2022-03-18.pdf

These changes were well overdue with additional changes for more modern vehicle systems and documentation of various new technologies on vehicles.   To this day we still have customers coming to us with a vehicle they had purchased, with a valid safety certificate from the seller.  Only to learn the auto repair facility that performed the inspection was still working on outdated guidelines from the 80’s. They didn’t even know there were significant changes in 2015.

I remember 1999, when the government introduced the Drive Clean Emissions Program. A program loved and hated by every driver on the road.   You would go to test facility, they would bar code your vehicle, inspect it, run your emission test and then…… upload all your data and issue you a pass certificate.  If you failed you received a failure notice and were then deciding on what course of action you should take.

The program has many challenges and was shut down eventually as most modern vehicles could manage their own emissions.  From the Drive Clean program the government learned the equipment needs, communication systems, gather significant vehicle data and will now take all that prior learning and launch the new Drive On Vehicle safety inspection program.

Why is this such an important change in auto repair safety inspections.

  1. Paperless legitimate Process. No longer do inspection stations have to pre purchased carbon copy booklets. This was a great opportunity for abuse.  Shops writing safety inspections for other shops. Shops with no longer certificated 310S employees working there, yet former 310S certified technicians come in a sign off on certificates for a few bucks “on the side” from  the owner of the shop. Certificates being written for other shop who have not even seen the car.  The abuse has been there since I started in the business.  The digital process like drive clean removes all the abuse.
  2. Consistency in the Pass / Fail. The manual book is black and white, always has been. I do agree there are several areas in the manual that could be discussion for interpretation, but most of the manual is pass or fail. The problem has been Shop A stated A,B,C fail.  Go to Shop B they stated don’t worry A,B is ok, C fails.   Who is right and who is wrong. The book doesn’t not have a decision or choice. The problem has been people.  Technicians not following the updated manual accurately. Auto repair shops allowing a car to pass in order to make a sale or keep a customer happy. This is the problem.  In future, hopes are once all items are digitally documented once Shop A has entered the data, its in there.  Go anywhere else and the information will follow.
  3. Technology: The industry is adopting technology and this process is the same. Tablet based inspection, with digital data uploading is the way of the future.  Transparency is the key to happy customers.

As the new program comes on board for 2023 and 2024 automotive repair facilities participating in the new program will need to ensure they have all their documents in line.

All parties the Auto repair facility, the consumer and the ministry can become more professional and transparent.

Eventually,  I can see mandatory annual safety inspections one day down the road once the bugs are taken out on this system.  Daily I see vehicles that should not be on our road.  Frankly, I did not really see the benefits of the Drive Clean emission program. When cars are intelligent enough to say they have a problem. However,  when cars are rotted and falling apart, or have no brakes left. That is a different issue. There are a lot of hurdles to jump to make this program smooth.  Like what are we doing for electric vehicle inspections? No one knows right now as the industry is moving too fast.

Article clip from the Ministry Guidelines for personal vehicles


Personal Vehicle Owners

Vehicle owners who require a SSC to facilitate vehicle registration and licensing, will

continue to be able to obtain the required inspection at a participating garage or service

station. The current inspection criteria and “pass” standard identified in the Light Duty

Standard will continue to apply. Upon completion of the inspection, the client’s results

will be digitally uploaded to support registration transactions, eliminating the need to

present a paper copy of the SSC. The inspection results will be valid for a 36-day

period as is the current standard.

Vehicle owners who require a SIC to facilitate vehicle “brand” changes, will continue to

be able to obtain the required inspection at a participating garage. The inspection

criteria and “pass” standard will primarily remain as they are currently, with some

enhancements, including the collection of supporting repair/parts documentation

digitally and supplementing the inspection with photos to evidence key repairs. Upon

completion of the inspection, the client’s results will be digitally uploaded to support

registration transactions, eliminating the need to present a paper copy of the SIC to

have the vehicle “brand” changed

Carlo Sabucco

Owner of Sils Complete Auto Care Centre


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Sue at Sil’s is amazing! And the whole team is wonderful, knowledgeable and transparent and I once again received excellent service from their team. I never hesitate to give them a call for any of my car concerns.

Manon Boyle May 5, 2023

Every aspect of my first visit there was so professional. My questions were answered so that I understood. I was listened to and respected I was offered a shuttle, a place to wait, all provincial guidelines being followed. I felt safe and like I had finally found a trustworthy shop. I can’t believe this gem was here the whole time right under my nose. No wonder you have been in business all this time you gain the trust of your customers. Great Job.

Michelle Giacometti Feb 2, 2021

Quality work friendly, honest and great workmanship

Dolores Soca Jul 7, 2021

Always good communication and updates on issues and great service overall!!!!

f v - t.o Nov 11, 2023

Sil's ACC is my go to now. They are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They provide a web based summary report that you can view and decide what work you want to proceed with and which you want to hold off on for a later time, which i find very helpful.

Dave Degrassi Dec 12, 2020

As usual great Customer Service, always keeping me informed of work to be completed and a great job with the repair. Great staff and ownership

Robert Oakley Apr 4, 2023

Service does not get any better than at Sil’s! Everyone is exceptionally helpful and the service people do an excellent job! I have recommended many people to go to Sils and now they are recommending others.

Jean Eckhart May 5, 2022

From power steering problems to rodent control these guys are the best.

Heather B Nov 11, 2023

Will definitely use Sil's again. Tommy was very helpful, gave us regular updates, worked with us to have the best value solution for our audi. Our car was ready on time and very clean when returned. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a well run auto shop.

George P Nov 11, 2023

Excellent work as always. Highly recommended.


Great experience at Sil's, as usual. Staff were friendly, efficient and the whole process was smooth, and the work done was perfect.

Malcolm and June Surycz Oct 10, 2023

Sil's Auto Care Centre is the only auto shop you'll ever need to go to. Their staff are not only friendly and professional, but are also extremely knowledgeable and honest. I had my car serviced for a seasonal maintenance inspection and oil and filter changer service. Not only were they thorough with their job, but went beyond my expectations in providing a detailed report, loaner car and an interior and exterior clean. I'll definitely be returning for any auto needs and recommending Sil's to my family and friends. Thanks especially to Susan for her exceptional sevice!

Jeff Oct 10, 2023

I have always been a "bring it to the dealer" guy. After my dealer could not fit me in for immediate service (flat tire fix), I tried "Sil's". Briefly... I would specifically like to commend my mechanic, John... who came up with imaginative fixes for TWO (other) unconventional issues with my car. And the best part, there was a nominal charge on my bill for these. After this visit, Sil's has earned my "repeat business".

Paul Finlay Oct 10, 2023

A very good job for fixing my car thank you

Earle Angelo Valerio Oct 10, 2023

Excellent work, as always by the staff at Sil's.

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I use the services of Sil's Auto for the upkeep of my car and am always reassured by their thorough and professional service. I like their detailed invoices which also include a Deferred Service section which prepares me for what the next service should be to keep my car roadworthy. I appreciate their friendly shuttle service with Tim and the patient answers I receive to all of my questions. On one occasion I had an emergency problem with a window that would not close and it was fixed with a smile and no charge.

Dolores Wielgus Oct 10, 2022

Excellent timely service , always.

Dave Billyard Feb 2, 2022

Great service and super friendly

Michael Capizzano Sep 9, 2023

This is a truly great Canadian company that you can always rely on and every time feel happy for their service quality, price and attitude.

Kui Wu Sep 9, 2023

Best place to take my truck, they are extremely professional, they make a detail summery of what's going on with my truck, with pictures included. Never felt so safe to take any of my cars like I do here, not only they are professional, but all of them are extremely friendly, from reception with Susan and Tommy, to the mechanics and the owner. 100% hands down, best garage out there.

Cynthia Insua Sep 9, 2023

best mechanics in Oakville

Blake Day Music Aug 8, 2023

Sil's is the best place I've found for my car needs. The staff and mechanics are amazing and always greet you with a smile. You will not be disappointed!!!

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Sil's Auto Care Centre came to my assistance when needed most!! While traveling in Mississauga, I needed my brakes replaced. The exceptional team at Sil's was there! All work was complete and competitively priced. Technologically updated with the latest equipment and access to information, my car details were available to the team to ensure best in quality repairs! I am profoundly appreciative for a job well done. Thanks to Susan for incredible scheduling and to Carlos, for keeping up the quality of work, established by his father, all those years ago. It is nice to return to the old neighbourhood and still be able to rely on quality services that we had when we lived here! Way to go!!

Pam Sep 9, 2023

Honest, transparent and they stand behind their work. Price may be higher than other places though they can work with you based on your budget.

R Mendes Nov 11, 2017

I want to express my sincere thanks to Carlo and his professional team at Sil's Auto Care Centre. Affordable diagnostic testing provided a complete and thorough online report along with urgency of each item and cost of repairs to make an informed decision. I was finally able to make the right decision about my car after speaking with Carlo. Carlo and his teams technical expertise and exceptional customer service makes Sil's Auto Care Centre a business I would recommend to my colleagues. Five star automotive service centre for the Toronto GTA. Thank you Carlo and team.

Susan H Sep 9, 2023

Great personal service.

Houston Hacienda Sep 9, 2023

I absolutely LOVE Sil's Auto. Carlo, Susan, Tommy and their great team of mechanics take the cake for me. Their work is a 10/10 and the trust factor is reinforced over time. I would recommend anyone to Sil's without hesitation.

Melinda Prain Sep 9, 2021

I am very impressed with quality and promptness in service provided here at this auto care centre. This was my first visit to this place and I am glad the tow truck guy introduced me to this CAA approved place. Susan was very courteous, knowledgeable. Auto repairs are generally expensive but to find a place where you can trust that the job will be well taken care of … not easy to find.

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Gift Tshuma Aug 8, 2023

Amazing experience. Quick service, more than adequate diagnostic testing on my car, clearly writenn out with pictures attached to an email. Affordable diagnostic testing. Susan is wonderful, she tells you what needs to be done but doesn't try to upsell you on anything. Really listens to customer needs and uses her knowledge and experience to provide the best customer service.

Trinity Duff Aug 8, 2023

Susan was great and helped me with my requirements thus time. She also organised for me to be dropped off and picked up from my residence. Tim was great too. Service to my car was completed on time and was well done.

Andre Leung Apr 4, 2023

The staff and the work here are superior. They are honest and send a complete summary with pics/videos to describe their findings before the work is approved. Shuttle service is great too! I highly recommend these professionals!!!

Alice Kennedy Mar 3, 2023

I could not have asked for a better experience going to a new mechanic. My family has taken their cars to the same auto shop since my mother was a teenager, but after moving to Mississauga and having my car break down, I knew it wasn’t going to be able to make the drive to our regular mechanic in another city. Sil’s was the closest to me, so I chose them on a whim but it was well worth it - I’ve found my new regular shop! They were open and honest with me about every single thing that could be fixed, as well as advising what actually *needs* to be fixed to keep it on the road. Ultimately I decided that the car isn’t worth fixing, but I didn’t feel pressured at all into doing anything, and the inspection price was incredibly reasonable. Thank you so much to the team!!

Carly Preiss Aug 8, 2023

They were fantastic, quick and so lovely!!!

Olenka Karetnik Aug 8, 2023

Absolutely phenomenal service!!! Carlo welcomed me to the shop as if it was my own home and treated me like family.

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While I was out the brakes started to grind. I immediatey brought it to Sil's. Talk about great service Carlo gave me a loaner car and promised to update me on their progress. He delivered. I have always brought my vehicles there and they are always professional, and thorough. Highly-qualified team.

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Sil's is very detailed, does excellent work and is very honest and fair. Carlo, Tommy and Susan in the front are always thorough and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone in the area!

Dave K Aug 8, 2023

Great service -very thorough and honest -highly recommend this place - they keep you informed and deliver what they promise

Margo stuart Aug 8, 2023

I have been driving many years and this is the best place i have taken my car to. Professional, friendly, and detailed in their work. They let me know what needs to be done, what will need to be done, and what was still in good order. Sent me pictures of what they were doing. My car was cleaned on the inside, which was a bonus. Price wise, they were fair... no hidden surprises. I will be going to Sil's Auto Care for all of my car needs. I would rate 10/10.

Luisa Ellis Aug 8, 2023

Excellent customer service, great expertise, and professional report, helping customer reduce cost without compromise quality.

Camilla Li Aug 8, 2023

I've been having my vehicles serviced at Sil's Auto Care Center for over 20 years. I have never been disappointed or had any concerns with the quality of work completed on my vehicles. Sil's is customer focused business and their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer any questions and discuss any repairs needed for your vehicle. I would highly recommend having your vehicle serviced at Sil's Auto Care Center.

Graeme Hotchkiss Dec 12, 2019

Excellent quick honest service, very professional

Ghazale Restaur Aug 8, 2023
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